Beautiful… There are many words to describe my little sister Elle, but this is definitely one. Not only is she beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. This past weekend I had the pleasure of getting her ready for her 7th grade Winter Formal. As I was getting her all fixed up, some of the things she was saying about her self broke my heart. As she talked about her insecurities, I couldn’t help but look at her and think how in the world she could have them, because she was nothing short of beautiful. That is exactly how God sees us every time we are insecure about something….

“We are God’s Masterpiece.” -Ephesians 2:20

The teenage years are something we all know is rough. Either you are going through it now or you have “been there done that”. Whatever the case may be, we know that these years sometimes seemed like they may never end. While they are some of the best years of our lives, they also are years in which we struggle with who we are. The years that we constantly looked to society as an example of what we should look like and because of that, our self esteem was damaged. Now, you don’t have to be a teen to experience insecurities, it happens to everyone no matter what age, but what if we started teaching kids at a younger age about a God that loves them and made them to be exactly who they are?

IMG_8197My beautiful little sister.

I have struggled with insecurities from the time I was very young. I always had a bad body image, and still struggle with it today (I would love to share my story on this in another post).  Learning to be confident in myself and who God made me to be is something I am still learning how to do. With having 3 little sisters, my main goal is to get to a point where I am confident and can help them feel that way as well. I never want them to feel unloved or unworthy or not beautiful because God made them each so special in their own unique way. I try to encourage them every single day, and this is what we should be doing with everyone! If you have younger siblings, kids etc. I encourage you to tell them something positive about themselves every day. Let them know that you not only see them as special, but that God does to.

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made”. Psalm 139:14

It is okay to not be like every one  else! God made us all different for a reason! He has a special purpose for each and every one of His children and He also sees beauty in us all. As the verse says above, we are his masterpieces! Think of how you would feel if someone was constantly tearing down something you had spent so much time creating? This past week I have been working on being more positive and confident in who I am. Aubrie Patrick, one of the sweet girls I am blessed to know through Lane of Roses, came up with an activity that I have been doing, and would love for you to participate in as well. Here is how it works:

~Cut out some hearts on a plain white sheet of paper.

~Each time you have a thought about an insecurity that is not truthful, write something that is truthful and that comes from God on the heart. This can be as simple as a word or a bible verse.

~Tape the heart to your mirror so that you are reminded everyday that God made you beautiful and He made you to do great things!


This week I challenge you all to do this activity, practice more self love, and practice loving others more as well. My goal is to be a light to not only my little sisters, but to everyone when it comes to a positive self image. The devil will try his best to whisper lies in your ear everyday, but we have to know who we belong to, and that is God! We are His masterpiece and we were made to be wonderful.

“Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong.” -Ephesians 2:19-22

-Taylor Johns