He Has Risen


One of my absolute favorite holidays is quickly approaching this weekend…Easter! I have loved Easter ever since I was little. Not only because of getting to spend cherished time with family, but also because of the whole meaning behind it. The story of Jesus’s resurrection will continue to amaze me for years.

There are tons of wonderful stories about Jesus and the miracles He performed throughout the Bible. Reading about them never fails to leave me in awe, but the Easter story always gives me chills. For me, this is the story where I always saw just how truly like us that Jesus was. It’s easy to think of Him as a “super hero” with all of these powers who never feels pain, but this wasn’t the case. Jesus loved, protected, trusted, and hurt just like me and you. 

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice by dying on the cross for our sins. Knowing the pain He endured during this time breaks my heart, but just think He did it all because He loved us with a love that is beyond what we could ever imagine. While many were sad to see Jesus part from the Earth for a period of time, Jesus knew that His time on Earth was not done. One of my favorite verses in the Bible comes from Matthew 28:6.

“He is not here for He has risen just as He said.”


The stone blocking the tomb was rolled away and death was defeated! I have always imagined what it would have been like to have been there on the day of His resurrection. What a joyous day, and the fact we still celebrate it so many years later makes my heart so happy.

There is so much about this event to be celebrated. The everlasting love Jesus has for us, the promises He keeps, and the fact that He defeated death. If Jesus can defeat death, just imagine all the other things He can defeat for you. No matter what battles your facing, He will be ready to guide you through. His love for you never fails.

It is easy to get caught up in the material aspects of Easter, but truly remember the real meaning. Jesus loved us so much that He died for us, and made the promise of a lifetime. He proved that not even death could break this promise, and that He would be there for us for eternity. If you know someone who might not know the true meaning of Easter, invite them to church with you on Easter Sunday you never know the impact it could have on their life. I hope you all have a blessed Easter!

-Taylor Johns