Fun Date Ideas # 2: Homemade Pizzas


So far, this series has been one of my favorite things I have started on my blog! As I mentioned in my first one, I love finding fun and inexpensive date night ideas! This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I were craving pizza (per usual). Most of the time when we order pizza for takeout, it can get a little pricy (we really love it and always eat a lot lol). We decided that making our own pizzas would not only be a cheaper alternative, but a lot funner then just driving to get take out.

We sat down and came up with what kind of pizzas we wanted to make, and wrote down the ingredients we needed. We also decided that we wanted to make our own dough so we picked up this kit, along with the other ingredients at Walmart!


We had so much fun making the dough! Once you get it all mixed up, it does have to sit for at least 45 minutes, but this gives you plenty of time to sit and watch Netflix or dance around the kitchen while you wait! After we let the dough rise, we formed it and started making our pizzas! We made 3 pizzas (and the ones Clay made were of course way prettier than mine).


The whole experience was so much fun. While we were putting the pizzas together, I put on some of my favorite records and took in every bit of the moment.


We may have set off a few smoke alarms in the process, but the pizzas turned out great! If you have never done a homemade pizza date, I 10/10 recommend. My heart (and my belly) were so full after this night!

Make sure to give a follow and stay tuned for more date night ideas to come!

-Taylor J


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