Fun Date Ideas #1: Picnic Date


I wanted to start a new series on my blog for date ideas! When we think of going on dates what usually comes to mind is the classic going out to dinner or dinner and a movie. While those dates are still fun, I also enjoy finding date ideas that switch things up a little bit! My boyfriend came up with the idea to go on a picnic date and it was so much fun!

Often times when I have seen pictures of “picnic dates” there is a huge elaborate meal and setup, and I am here to tell you that you can still have the perfect picnic without all the fancy stuff! My first tip would be to plan out a dinner or snacks you would both like to have. My boyfriend and I chose to make homemade crunch wraps to take with us (shopping for the supplies and making the food is a fun part of the date as well)! Next, pick your location. Picnic dates are great due to the fact that they can literally be anywhere. If it rains on the day you had your picnic planned, you can even have one in your living room!

Once you have your location set, gather things like blankets, your food of choice, and some drinks and head out! We chose a location where we live called “The Overlook”. It is absolutely beautiful and gives you a great look at the town and the mountains. We picked a spot in the grass, ate, talked and enjoyed the view. It was so nice to destress and enjoy each others company.


I know life can get crazy and busy, but try to squeeze in a date night here and there when you can! It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive. We had the best time just taking a blanket outside and having a simple little picnic. Dates like these give you the chance to talk with your partner and spend quality time with them that you may not get as much of during the weekdays. Quality time together is so important!


I am always looking for fun/interesting date ideas, so this is definitely a series I plan to keep up with on this blog! If you have any fun date ideas you would like to share, leave a comment and I would be happy to hear them!

-Taylor J


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