Tips For Growing Long & Healthy Hair


“Hair Care” is something that I have always loved, but sadly not always been the best at. At a very young age I began having my hair colored. I had naturally dark blonde hair, with dark roots and just wanted something a little different. It started out as just a few highlights here and there, but then soon became an obsession with bleach blonde hair. Now, don’t get me wrong I love super blonde hair, and still have it today but I am talking cotton ball white hair at my eighth grade graduation….

IMG_6396Ah the good ole days…

Even though my hair was pretty close to white, I actually didn’t notice a big problem with it until I was put on Acutane my freshman year of high school. Acutane is an acne medication that basically drys your skin and you guessed it… your hair out to. My hair began falling out in clumps and breaking off. When I reached my sophomore year it was so damaged that I had to cut it off  very short. I was heartbroken. My dream was always to have pretty long blonde hair, and within the matter of two years that dream was gone.

After I got over my spell of crying everyday about my hair, I realized I was going to do something to change it. I began the process of getting my hair in the healthiest shape that it has ever been in. It started by completely dying my hair brown. My roots were dark brown so I knew this meant that I wouldn’t have to get my hair colored as often, and could use that time to let it grow, and that is just what it did. Over the years I gradually have gone back to a light blonde color.

This is what my hair now looks like


I take steps every week to ensure the health and growth of my hair so, I want to share my top tips with you.

  • Don’t use heat everyday! This one is so important, especially if you are someone who colors their hair like me, your hair needs a break from all the damaging heat tools.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday! My hair tends to be extremely dry, so I only wash my hair about twice a week. This gives it a chance to let the natural oils work through my hair.
  • Find a shampoo and conditioner that works for you! Everyone’s hair is different so finding good products for the days that you do wash your hair is so important. My favorite shampoo and conditioner at the moment is the “Pantene Radiant Color” line. It helps my hair feel soft and moisturized and also protects my color.
  • Leave In Conditioner! Along with my shampoo and conditioner, I always make sure to use a leave in conditioner to help me detangle my hair after my shower. This makes it easy to comb through without breaking my hair. My favorite is the “Not Your Mother’s Way To Grow Leave In Conditioner”
  • Vitamins! A healthy body leads to healthy hair growth so making sure your body has all the vitamins it needs is so important! I recommend finding ones that contain biotin, this will help your hair growth tremendously. I use the “One A Day Women’s Multi Vitamins”
  • Drink A lot of Water! A very important tip is to drink tons of water. There are so many benefits to this, but it just over all helps with hair growth by ensuring that your hair is not dry. I try to drink at least 1/2 a gallon of water a day.
  • Be Patient! The last and probably the hardest tip to follow. Hair growth is a long process. It took me 6 years to finally get it to the point I wanted, but don’t give up! Do everything you can to ensure that it is healthy and growing and remain positive throughout the process!

Those are my top tips for growing long and healthy hair. I hope you found this helpful, I enjoy sharing life tips and can not wait to share more! If you have any other questions about hair care feel free to leave a comment, and I would love to answer.

-Taylor Johns

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