The Mountains That Made Me


There are often times I wonder what my life may have been like if I had grown up somewhere other than the mountains of Eastern KY. I have said countless times how I wish I would have. But, the truth of the matter is,  my little town and the mountains that surround it have made me who I am today. God knew what He was doing when he placed me here, and for that I am forever thankful.

IMG_1409“God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand His wisdom, but we simply have to trust His will.” -Psalm 37:5

I love my little hometown, but with it being a small town in the mountains there are some downsides. You see, with small towns comes closed minds and small dreams. Definitely not saying that goes for everyone, but it does for most. One thing that has always bothered me so much about growing up in a small town, is that anytime anyone does anything different or out of the ordinary it is seen as “weird”. Putting yourself out there and doing something you love, should not ever be something to fear, and that is something God is teaching me.

Now, while I have encountered some small minded people in these mountains I have also encountered people who lift me up and support me through thick and thin. These beautiful mountains have taught me so much, and without them I would not be who I am today. It was in these mountains that I learned about God. It was in these mountains that I learned the importance of family, and it was in these mountains that I have learned who I am and what I want for my life.


I have always been extremely shy, and in the past year I have really opened up and found what I am passionate about. When I felt it on my heart to start making videos and writing a blog I was terrified to say the least! I thought, “God why me? I am shy and I don’t want to be made fun of for stepping out and doing something different.” But I knew that was what God wanted, and in doing so I have found what I love. In obeying Him, I am able to share my light with the world and spread his love. God knew just what he was doing when He placed me in these mountains. He knew that doing something out of the ordinary was going to be a challenge for me, but He never doubted me, even when I doubted myself.

These mountains have made me strong. These mountains have made me who I am today. I am learning day by day that it’s okay to be different, others are always going to have an opinion, but if you let God guide you and do something you love, you will experience more joy than ever. So, even if you come from a small town, take a chance on being yourself! I will always be thankful for these mountains that I call my home. Many days I look at their beauty, and I talk to God and thank Him for placing me where He did. While the mountains of Eastern KY may not always be my home, the will always hold a special place in my heart.


-Taylor Johns

“I lift my eyes up to the mountains where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.” -Psalm 121:1-2

7 thoughts on “The Mountains That Made Me

  1. This is a wonderful message that needs to be told to the whole United States. As long as you follow Gods plan it will all work out. After god family is the most important. Well said and I am glad that God has made you realize where your life needs to be.

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  2. Taylor,
    You have just brought me to tears because I’m so proud of you in every way. It’s so heartwarming to follow you as you blossom each day with the Lord. You are a special child of God who he has been given the courage and strength in today’s world to praise HIS name.
    May God continue to bless you as you follow your heart in sending us all your message. I’m looking forward to seeing your devotion on Monday and know that you are truly loved and appreciated by many!
    Your biggest Alabama fan,
    Darlene Karl

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