Why “Quiet Time” Is So Important


“Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him.” -Psalm 62:1

So, what is quiet time? I define it as the time out of each day that I spend alone studying God’s word.  In the past year, I have learned how truly important my quiet time with God is. It is one moment in my busy days that I get just for me and Him. I want to encourage all of you  to take some time out of your day wether that be 10 minutes or an hour and just talk to God and spend sometime in His word. 

Studying God’s word is essential! There are so many interesting things to be found in the Bible, God literally has a purpose and a lesson for every story written. The Bible was written to help us learn more about God and His plan for our lives. I learn something new every time I read and it always leaves me ready to learn more.

Not only is it good to study in the Bible, but it is also good to just talk to God. Life can get hectic and stressful and what better person to talk about it with than your Heavenly Father? He will eagerly listen and comfort you in times of need. Talk to Him about good things that happen in your life as well and thank Him for how He is working in your life! God wants to hear about your day wether it was the best or the worst, He will be there with you through it all.

My quiet time is one of my favorite parts of the day, so I thought I would share some tips on how I make it work for me, but remember you need to find a routine that you love and that will make you excited to spend time with God everyday!

Time of day: Picking a time of day for my quiet time was definitely something I had to put some thought into since I am so busy. I decided night time worked the best for me, it gives me a chance to get cozy and shut everything else off and just really focus on God.

Devotionals: These are always optional, but I have found devotionals are a great way to guide me through reading my bible and they always have good lessons that go along with them.

Take notes: As I am studying in my bible and reading through my daily devotional I always keep a little notebook handy and write down important things to remember and bible verses, this is great to have so you can always look back on it in times of need! I also like to highlight the verses of the day in my bible as well.

Pray: I always end my quiet time with a prayer. I talk to God and tell Him what is on my mind and my heart and I just spend some time praying. I always feel so comforted and refreshed after I spend time talking to Him.

Those are just some things that I have found that work for me when spending my alone time with God, but again find a routine that you love! I encourage you to incorporate quiet time with God in your daily life and I promise you will feel so amazing! I know life can be busy, but He always wants to here from you and wants to help you.

-Taylor Johns


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