Troubled Waters


The ocean… it is truly beautiful. It is amongst one of my favorite creations here on this wonderful Earth God has given us. Looking at it gives me peace and the sound of the waves hugging the shore will forever remain one of my favorite sounds. The ocean seems never troubled, never angry, never hurt as I stare gazing at it wishing I never had any of those feelings. However, the ocean too has troubled waters.

Every time I look out into the ocean I forget that it is not always beautiful and calm. It has storms and seasons of destruction. It’s waves rise strong and powerful in times of trouble. While it may be hard to wrap our heads around the idea, we are a lot like the ocean. We go through trouble waters all the time. We experience hurt and destruction and in those moments it may seem like the storm will never calm.  But God gives us the power to rise up above our troubles and stand tall and powerful.

If you feel like you are going through troubled waters right now, just know that you aren’t in this alone. I know it’s scary, but God is with you every step of the way. These times of trouble are only going to make you stronger, God knows you can get through it just trust in him. Just like the ocean, the storm will pass and their will be peace. Trust that God will be with you through the sun and rain, and know that the troubled waters don’t last forever.


“When you go through deep waters I will be with you.” Isaiah 43:2

-Taylor Johns



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