Bloom Where You Are Planted


I had the most difficult time coming up with a name for my blog. I began thinking and brainstorming ideas and then I came upon a picture of  a flower that I had on my phone. It was one of many pictures of flowers, I have always been fascinated by them. How they grow in the most unlikely places, and how beautiful they are when they bloom never ceases to amaze me.

Throughout the past few years I have experienced some struggles and many times I felt stuck. I felt like I was never going to do anything or be anyone.  I began to study in my bible more and spend more time with God to find hope. God showed me, and continues to show me daily that I can bloom no matter what the circumstances may be. Just as the sun is the light source that helps the flower grow, God is our light source. He wants us to open up and share the beauty within our souls to everyone. Learning to bloom can be hard, especially when life does not go as planned, but that is exactly what it is all about! Bloom wherever you are planted.

As we walk through this crazy path of life we are going to grow in the most unlikely of places just like the flowers. Others will doubt you, and at times you will even doubt yourself, but you can’t keep that from allowing you to stand tall and bloom. God will be your sun and your nourishment, so continue to grow closer to Him day by day.

“He will sustain you.” -Isaiah 46:4

-Taylor Johns

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